5 Top Secrets: What Makes Her So Beautiful?

Fashion is everywhere, but STYLE is unique. It's what makes the girl who she is. So “What makes her so Beautiful”? What are the secrets? Let's take a look!

1. Be Confident: Whatever you put on, make sure your outfit gives you a confidence boost wherever you go. 

We have to admire Louise Thompson's style secret - Confidence! The Award-winning TV Series 'Made In Chelsea' Star chooses N12H to express her style: Unique, Edgy, a true Urban Beauty. Louise wears New Era Sequin Jacket and Parallel Worlds Lace Sweatshirt

New Era JacketParallel Worlds Lace Sweatshirt

Louise Thompson looks absolutely stunning in N12H Sequin Origin Sweatshirt. Don't you just love the way she wears it! It is so true that Fashion can be bought but style must be possessed! 

Sequin Origin SweatshirtSequin Origin Sweatshirt

2. Try New Things: Experiment with different fashion styles to find the real YOU.

Talented Dancer - Singer - Actress Jordyn Jones from Los Angeles has a totally different idea with same popular N12H Parallel Worlds Lace Sweatshirt. One word - AMAZING! 

Parallel Worlds Lace Sweatshirt 

3. Be Yourself: Your Clothes speak for you before you do. Make sure your outfit announces what you want people to hear. First impression is important. Give the impression you want to give.

Famous JoJo - American Singer, Song Writer and Actress flaunts this amazing Blue Side Split Dress to Hollywood Grammy's After Party in Feb 2016. The Dress and her expression say it all.

Side Splits Dressside split dress

4. Accentuate your best features: It’s about the fit and what makes you feel comfortable. You decide what curves to show and when. Accentuating your best features also goes hand in hand with colour balance. Yes the art of colours! Paint your own style picture! 

Hong Kong Actress - Singer Super Star Charlene Choi flaunts Fly Away Lace Trim Top and Skirt showcasing her elegance and feminine style. Absolutely Stunning!

Fly away Lace Trim Top and Skirt

5. The Rule is: there's NO Rules: Who cares what people say! Everybody has their own set of rules which may not be applicable to others. You make the rules for your own style.

For stylish fashion Blogger Mellow Mayo, she expresses her "Cat Slave" style in a different and edgy way! Featured in pictures are N12H Fly Away Lace Trim Top, Fly Away Lace Trim Skirt, and Dimension Skirt.

We have to love the way she styles the same Fly Away Lace Trim Skirt with a different top and jacket to create a complete different look. You don't have to own every piece of clothing to be stylish. Just those that can speak for you and make you happy styling them again and again will do. What's more, you can help to save our planet and your bank too!

Fly Away Lace Trim SkirtFly Away Lace Trim Skirt

Fly away lace trim top 


In conclusion, Fashion is limitless and exciting. You don't have to own all the styles available at all costs (tangible or intangible ... yes, have a think about it). You really don't have to follow the most fashionable bloggers or wear exactly what celebrities wear to enjoy fashion and be beautiful. 

Fashion is NOT beautiful if it is made at a cost of the environment, health and safety or even life of garment workers and child labourers. Let us not take Fashion for granted.

Choose what you wear with love and care, find your own secret to create your style. Style can't be copied, exchanged or received. It has to be owned with your Personality and Identity. That’s what makes YOU so Beautiful!   


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