About Us

Welcome to URBAN CLUB, where love and inspiration for fashion never end! Be Empowered, Be Independent with fabulous style!
Our vision is to be a Premier Online Designer Fashion Retailer offering limited edition designer pieces and creating unique fashion trends for the urban lifestyle.
To create a unique fashion style that inspires modern women around the world to be EMPOWERED and INDEPENDENT in the urban environment.
To leverage independent Fashion Designers and their brands to global fashion platform and beyond.
To be an active member of the ethical fashion community and to give back to the society.
PASSION – To create and inspire urban fashion and lifestyle
LIFETIME EXPERIENCE – To create lifetime value for our Customers
INTEGRITY – To be who we truly are
COLLABORATION – To leverage Designers’ success through effective win-win collaboration
ETHICS – To be considerate and to give back to our community
Company Name: URBAN CLUB LTD

Registered office: 3 Glen Court, Stonehaven, Aberdeenshire, AB39 2SS, United Kingdom.

Registered number: SC494241