Our Story

Let me inspire you with how URBAN CLUB came to be, it’s a story of family, love and perseverance, all tied up with fabulous style.



I could write a whole book about this, but I’ll keep it short and sweet. I was born in Saigon, Vietnam just after the Vietnam War. Like many families at the time, we were very poor. My Mum and Dad had five daughters. Yes, five little girls! I am right in the middle with two elder sisters and two younger sisters, but I wasn’t too much of a trouble maker. When my Mum was pregnant with my youngest sister, she found out she would be blessed with another girl to join our family. In Vietnam, fathers place a lot of pride in bringing boys to the family, so when my Dad learned there would be another girl he left us. We were all heartbroken. Especially my mother who was left empty handed with four young girls and another on the way.

Our Story


My Mum worked three jobs while my grandparents cared for the five of us. Food and clothes were always scarce. I still remember those cold and hungry nights and how happy we were to receive some used clothes or left over food from our kind neighbours. It was incredibly tough and we struggled for years under the claustrophobic blanket of poverty.

In the early 1990’s, things in Vietnam began to change. Foreign investments began to pour into Saigon, among those were Korean companies. My Mum SIEZED the opportunity and started learning Korean late in the evening after she had returned from the multiple jobs she was juggling. Two years later, her perseverance was rewarded with a job as an Interpreter in a Korean Clothing Manufacturing Company. For me and my sisters life became a little easier, there was more food on the table and we could go out for nice meals in restaurants and have more nice clothes to wear. However, It was not easier for Mum. Still, she worked long hours during the day and spent her evenings studying. Her potential was recognised and she was promoted quickly from an Interpreter to an Assistant Manager at the clothing factory, and then finally a Manager overseeing a factory of thousands of staff.

After eight years in the same fashion company, she decided to TAKE ON AN ADVENTURE and set up her own business. It began in our humble home with a few sewing machines. She worked even harder. The business took off and very quickly moved out from our living room to a factory. For all of us, including Mum, life became more enjoyable. Her determination, commitment and perseverance had paid off.

I remember that one day, my Mum and five of us were curled up in bed. We asked her how she did it, how she made the impossible happen. She gently replied with tears in her eyes and a smile across her warm face that it was the POWER OF LOVE that gave her strength and belief. She told us how she used her love for us to turn PAIN to POWER, HARDSHIP to HOPE, and that she never once wanted to give up. What I’ll remember most is her saying when you do something, do it with PASSION and you will be ok.

Beautiful Ladies


I always want to be like my Mum. She’s my idol. My dream is to have a fashion business and carry on the tradition that Mum created. After I graduated from University with an Honours Degree in Business Management, the plan was to return to Saigon and join Mum’s business. However, life of course had a different idea. Instead, before I graduated, I was offered an incredible job in Singapore. As it turned out, this was where I met my wonderful husband, someone who shared the same passion for life and family as me. We lived and worked in Singapore, China, Australia, and are now in the United Kingdom.

Happiness is what life all about

Along the way, I thought about my vision for a fashion business, and I thought about what my Mum taught me. I explored opportunities, I learned from mistakes and I never give up. I started turning my dream into a reality. Life can be tough in the olden days as well as in this modern world. I want to inspire all women to be EMPOWERED and INDEPENDENT through fashion. I want them to feel unique with fabulous style.

URBAN CLUB Girls are sophisticated, independent, strong yet delicate at the same time. They dare to be different and keen to make a difference in life! The URBAN CLUB Designer Brands we carry share the same inspiration and passion to empower every woman to explore her ultimate capability and showcase to the world what they can do.



Welcome to URBAN CLUB,

With Love,

Lan Vu